Friday, January 8, 2010


I've always been drawn to what a good friend of mine calls "art-a-day" -- the commitment by an artist to do something every day for a period of time.  Sometimes that results in work meant for the artist's eyes only, such as the many variations on sketchbooks or journals.  Sometimes it results in finished art, as the daily work ends up assembled into a package or exhibit.

My project for 2010 is to take a photograph every day.  I considered setting rules such as a theme or subject for the photos, but decided to leave it open-ended for now.  Maybe as the year progresses and the photos accumulate, they'll make themes for themselves.

Here's my first week of photos.

January 1 -- in the alley

January 2 -- walking on the golf course, a tree with a bazillion pine cones (probably a sign of stress)

January 3 -- a bitterly cold day, with the construction workers intelligently spending the afternoon indoors

January 4 -- real estate still in the toilet

January 5 -- watch out, Santa!

January 6 -- the Christmas lights have to come down by Epiphany

January 7 -- snowbound pumpkin


  1. This is very exciting. I love your concept for daily art and look forward to reading your thoughts on the art scene.

  2. What an exciting project. I am adding you to my must watch list. I love to see photos from other places.

  3. Tom and Terry -- can't think of nicer folks to be the first visitors to my new blog!

  4. I love your first week. I'm eager to see how it goes--art so often develops its own themes.

    (The alley is my favorite, formalist that I am. I loved it before my brain identified what the shapes actually were.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky, totally lurking on quiltart these days

  5. This is a great idea. I also take many digital photos. I think taking photos makes you more aware of the details in your surroundings. Art is in the everyday.

  6. I like the alley photo too. Would you believe that this is not the only door-propped-up-along-a-wall that I have come upon in less than a week?